Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about our phone repair or electronic repair services at Dang It Repair, with locations in West & East Tennessee, check out our frequently asked questions below.

How long will my repair take?
Most repairs can be completed in an hour or less. Exceptions occur for more complicated repairs, or if a part has to be ordered, but your technician will advise you before any work is started.

What is the average cost of a repair?
Costs vary due to the parts involved, so we would be happy to provide you with a quick quote from our website or calling one of our locations.

If I have multiple problems with my device, do you offer any sort of discount for that?
Depending on the specific device involved, there is usually a discount for multiple parts being repaired at once. For example, if you need the earpiece and battery replaced in a phone, we would not charge full price for each, since we would just be opening the phone one time.

What sort of devices do you fix?
Although we primarily fix phones, tablets, computers, and game consoles, we do repair a wide range of other electronics, with the exception of TVs. No repair request is too strange! Stop in or call for our experts to take a look.

Am I going to lose my data?
In nearly all cases, no – we do our best to safeguard your data. If a repair requires a reset or loss of data, your tech will advise you before anything is started. We will even show you ways you didn’t know were available to protect your precious info!

Is my information secure during my repair?
Absolutely. We do check functionality of the device after a repair, but in no way access your private information. We may ask for your help testing certain portions of the device upon pickup, such as the camera.

Can you remove the iCloud/Google Activation Lock from my device?
Unfortunately no, this is a security issue that we cannot bypass.

Do you buy used phones?
Absolutely! Please stop by your nearest store to get a quote for your device. We even buy some models of broken phones!

Do you charge for initial diagnostics?

No, we will always take a free look at your device to be able to give you an accurate rundown of what is wrong and the cost and time to get it repaired.

Do you offer discounts for.....?
We sure do! We offer discounts for veterans, active duty military, teachers, firefighters, ems, police, and MANY more! Call or stop by your local store for details.

I tried repairing my smartphone myself, can I still bring it in?
Absolutely, we can still help in this situation, just make sure to bring all the parts with you.

Am I expected to pay before the repair begins?
Not at all! Payment is only made when the repair is complete.

Can you back up the data on my device?
We do offer backup and data transfer services for phones, tablets and computers.

Do I need to provide my passcode for a repair?
Although it does help speed up the process of getting your device back to you, you are not required to provide your phone passcode, although it can make the repair take a bit longer, as we will need to do a full function test and make any adjustments necessary.

Do you sell parts?
No, we only sell the part with the accompanying repair.

Do you recycle electronics?
We are big fans of planet earth and want to do our part in responsible tech recycling. Call or message us first if you have electronics to recycle and we will see how best we can help.