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Dang It Repair provides you with outstanding cell phone repair services and electronic gadget repairs in West, Middle + East Tennessee and Prattville, Alabama!

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iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Google and Motorola smartphones, iPads and Android tablets, Mac and PC computers, game consoles, iPods, mp3 players and more. Bring us any broken electronics you’ve got.

iPhone XS MAX gold. Dang It Repair provides iPhone glass repair, iPhone fix services, cell phone repair and more in Tennessee and Alabama.

iPhone Repair Services

Does your iPhone have a cracked screen?

Samsung Galaxy S9+ sunrise gold. Dang It Repair provides cell phone repair, smartphone repair, Android repair services and more in Tennessee and Alabama.

Samsung Repair Services

Samsung Galaxy got water damage?

Android and Smartphone repair services. Dang It Repair provides broken phone screen repair, iPhone fix, cell phone repair services and more in Tennessee and Alabama.

Android Repair Services

Charging issues with your Android smartphone?

iPad Pro 12.9-inch repair. - Dang It Repair - ipad repair services, tablet repair services, iPhone repair in Tennessee and Alabama.

iPad Repair Services

Power button broken on your iPad?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet. Dang It Repair provides Samsung tablet repairs, Android tablet repair services and more in Tennessee and Alabama.

Tablet Repair Services

Is your tablet in need of broken screen repair?

Macbook Pro. Dang It Repair provides laptop repair, Mac repair, PC repair, all computer repair services and more in Tennessee and Alabama.

Computer / Laptop Repair Services

Software issues with your Mac or PC?

Sony PlayStation game console. Dang It Repair provides all game console repair services and more in Tennessee and Alabama.

Game Console Repair Services

Don't go another day without your game console!

iPod Touch. Dang It Repair provides iPod and mp3 player repair services, iPad and tablet repair services, iPhone and cell phone repair services and more in Tennessee and Alabama.

iPod / MP3 Player Repair Services

Broken iPod, iPod Touch or other MP3 player?

Electronics + Cell Phone Repair Services

Free Diagnostics

Bring your cell phone, computer or other device repair to any of our locations and we will provide a free diagnosis of your issue. From there, we can give a quote on repair time and cost. Come on in, it never hurts to take a free look!

We fix iphones, smartphones, ipads & more

About Dang it Repair

At Dang It Repair, we are dedicated to making sure that you are given the highest quality cell phone repair services in Tennessee and Alabama. With extensive knowledge and a passion for our industry, we provide services for an array of products such as iPhone repair, smartphone repair, iPad or tablet repair, computer repair, game console repair and other electronics repair!

Unlike other phone repair stores, we make sure to have our repair parts fully stocked so you wait less time for your finished repair!

Our phone and electronics repair shop can handle any situation you may have from a simple phone screen repair to a more serious cell phone water damage issue. From a phone repair job to an iPad and screen repair, we’re the best choice for all of your electronic gadgets repair needs!

If you’re looking for cell phone repair you have come to the right place!

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60 Day Warranty

We’ve Got You Covered! All of our repairs come with a 60 day warranty that covers any abnormality in the replacement parts we use. The parts we use to repair your device are of the highest quality, so issues are exceedingly rare, but rest assured, we will make sure your experience is the best around! 60 day warranty does not cover physical damage to the part or parts other than what was serviced.

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